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City Knowledge | Bringing cities, people, and data together

City Knowledge

City Knowledge is the future of smart cities.

Imagine a city where every urban asset is endowed with its own intelligence – a city where each object that your local government maintains or manages can think for itself.

Redefining GIS for smart cities.

+ DATA copyA new approach to urban asset management and simulations. Making government services more interactive, efficient, and effective. It’s the revolutionary Geographic Indexing Service that untangles the messy stovepipes of municipal data and provides a clean platform upon which to build the next generation Government Information Systems.

No more hunting and gathering for urban data.

personCity Knowledge evolves municipalities into farmers of information, harvesting it from all available sources. Stakeholders can unobtrusively collect information for free and without any human intervention, leveraging existing data streams as well as administrative processes already in place.

It’s a disruptive technology for local governments and citizens based on complex systems analysis.

data button

Collect data effortlessly

Leverage existing channels
and quickly add new ones.

items button

Control your assets

A revolutionary way to monitor
every type of urban entity.

maps button

Visualize your data

Using our dashboards, you
can watch your city in real time.

apps button

Go farther

It’s built on the web, so
it’s available everywhere.

City Knowledge means effortless integration,
incorporating legacy systems, mobile apps, web reports, and more.

Information is fundamental. Instinct has its place, but major policy and planning decisions should be informed by a strong understanding of every issue.
Every single day, municipal governments make maintenance, management, planning, and policy decisions with wide implications. Countless hours are spent gathering information from archives, city departments, and regulatory bodies.
City Knowledge helps gather these data automatically, and permits them to be reused over and over, instead of being treated as documentation supporting a specific, single decision.

The big picture:


The technology behind City Knowledge

City Knowledge is an interactive urban platform that allows officials, planners, and citizens to assess the impacts of design choices affecting the physical, economic, and regulatory systems of their city.


Mobile app development

Communicate with citizens and collect data, all at the same time.


Web apps, portals, wikis, and more

Instant access to your city’s data feeds.


Databases and storage

We take care of your data archives so you don’t have to worry.


Complex networks

Your data can do more than you ever thought possible, thanks to City Knowledge.


Scenario visualization

What if…you could effortlessly acquire the rich information you need?



Geographic Indexing Service, Government Information Systems

Information is an infrastructure that deserves the same
attention that cities give to their other infrastructures.

Our projects

We have worked for many cities around the world, but here are some of our greatest achievements:

Insula spa (Italy)

Insula spa (Italy)

Worcester Polytechnic Institute (USA)

Worcester Polytechnic Institute (USA)

City of Venice

City of Venice









Digital Earth Watch

Digital Earth Watch






The City Knowledge team:

Fabio Carrera


A Venetian teaching in the USA, inspiring transformation from hunter-gatherers of urban data to farmers of City Knowledge.

Steve Guerin

Lead Engineer

Applying the emerging science of complex adaptive systems in his work on visualization, modeling, and the design of self-organizing systems.

Benny Lichtner

App Developer

Fascinated by computational vision, psycholinguistics, psychoacoustics, sound synthesis, and agent-based modeling.

Kyle Miller


A master of data who uses his powers to help cities and fight misinformation.

Contact City Knowledge

Our contact details

Location 45.43893ºN 12.331093ºE

Ways to reach us
  Phone: (+39) 041 523-3209
  Address: San Polo 1932/A Fondamenta de le Tette Venice, 30125 Italy
  Email: info@cityknowledge.net

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